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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

EJERCITO BRITANICO, (Nº 7 ), Regimientos y Uniformes, por el Major R.M.Barnes , fuente =Biblioteca Militar de Barcelona.a

                    The Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at -Arms, 1937.
                    The Military Knights of Windsor, 1937
                    Pensioner of the Royal Hospital,Chelsea.1937.
                    The Yeomen of the Guard. 1937.

                         The Scots Guards, Piper.1939.
                         The Grenadier Guards, Drum Major (State dress ). 1939.

                         Staff Officer ( blue  frock),1911
                         Cavalry Officer ( Service dress). 1911
                         The Royal Dragoons , Squadron-Sergeant-Major ( with guidon ).1911.

                            FOREING SERVICE DRESS- 1879-1914

            The 17th Lancers , Zululand,1879, Trooper.
            The 10th Hussars, Afghanistan,1879,Lance-Corporal.
            The Camel Corps, Sudan,1885, Trooper.  

                        The Royal Field Artillery, "Hot weather",full dress,India ,1914.
                        The 5th Dragoons Guards , France,1914, Trooper.

                              SERVICE DRESS - 1898-1937.

                      The Royal  Warwickshire Regiment, Sudan ,1898,Private.
                       The Argyll and Suhterland Highlanders , South Africa ,1900, Sergeant.

                    The South  Staffordshire Regiment ,Srevice dress,1906.Lance-Corporal
                    The Durham Light Infantry, Drill service dress, India ,1918,Private.
                    The Somerset Light Infantry, Home ceremonial dress 1937,Sergeant.

                BATTLE  DRESS

                 The Royal Artillery, Staff-Sergeant.
                 Airborne Infantry, Corporal.
                 Comando, Private.

                              Royal Armoured Corps, Squadron-Sergeant-Major.
                              Line Regiment, Private.
                              Flash of H.Q. 21st. Army Group.

                                           =============  FIN  ===============



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