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sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

UNIFORMES MILITARES DE LA IIG.M. , por Andrew MOLLO, fuente = Biblioteca Militar de Barcelona.

                      UNITED  STATES  ARMY ( PACIFIC WAR )

                                 nº 351 .- Major -General, US Army.1944.
                                 nº 352 .- Officer  US Women 's Army Corps ,1944.

                              nº  .- 353 .- Private, US Army, 1944.

      While a phosphorous  charge explodes on a Japanese fortification  on the island of Corregidor  in Febrruary 1945, soldiers of the 34th Regiment prepare to shoot any Japanese who emerge . The characteristic water  bottle pouch of the American infantryman is cleary shown.

                                          nº 354 .- Major-General,  US Army ,1944.

      The land fighting  in Leyte in October 1944. These soldiers , heavily laden with communications equipment, have managed  to fight their way off the beach, but are still targets for small arms fire from isolated Japanese strongpoints  or snipers who put up a brave defence against the Americans .    


                                       nº 353 .- Captain , US  Army Air Force , 1944.

     American soldiers examine the damage done  by a Japanese  air  attack on Paranaque in the Philippines on 13 December 1941.These Japanese raids were very succesfuld and crippled the Americans air defenses. General Douglas Mac Artur comanded a force of almost 100.000 men in the islands ; but of these ,only 15.000 were Amarican regulars. The men here are wearing  a mixture  of uniforms , incluiding British  helmets .

                                                       nº 356 .- Pilot,USF, 1944.

    Grounddcrewnen in casual working clothing arm an American fighter-bomber with rockets. Rockets were a useful weapon against  enemy communications, and they were highly effective againts  tanks.


                                         nº 357 .- Petty Oficier 3rd Class, US Navy,1943.

     US Army Air Force pilots of the " Flying Tigers", in China seramble  for their aircraft,Curtiss P-40 Kittyhaw fighters  painted with the distintive shark's mouth symbol.Note the seat-type  parachutes worn dy the pilots.

     The 201 st  Mexicans fighter Squadron,  assembles in front of a P-47 Thunderbolt on Porac strip , Clark  Field, Luzon.

                        nº 358 .- Lieutenant , US Navy,1941.
                        nº 359 .- Lieutenant Junior Grade Women's Auxiliary Volunters Service, 1942.

                    nº 360 .- Landing  Signals Officer,US Navy, 1944.

           Ordnancemen load 500lb demolition bombs onto a Douglas S B D Dauntlesbomber on board the USS Enterpriseon 7 August 1942.This was the firstday of the attacks on Guadalcanal.

                                                 nº 361 .- Gunnery Sergeant, US Marine Corps, 1941

                                          nº 362 .- Lieutenant, US Marine Corps, 1945.

                                       nº 363 .- Lieutenant-Colonel, US Marine Corps ,1942.

                                     nº 364 .- Private ,US Marine Corps,1943.

            A wounded Marine is brought off Iwo  Jima by Coast Guardsmen. The landing craft which went in a Iwo Jima came back with the wounded, who  wer5e transferred to hospital ships. The speedy evacuation of wounded personel was considered essential to maintain morale.

nº 365 .- Private ,US Marine Corps, 1943.                        




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