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sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

COLECCIÓN DE SOLDADOS RUSOS Y FRANCESES DE ÉPOCA NAPOLEÓNICA , realizados por pintores rusos en la decada de los 80.

Curiosa colección de postales de soldados con uniformes napoleónicos, hechas en los años 80 por pintores rusos en un estilo Toys, fue el principio de una forma de pintar que se ha ido desarrollando hasta llegar ,a las maravillosas figuras que se pintan ahora en Rusia.


   nº 1.-   Tropers of the Chevalier Guards  Regiment on the attack, 1805.
        Made by  Victor Konnov in  1985.

  nº 2 .- The Moscow Musketeer Regiment on manoeuvres , 1804.
          Made by  Pyotr Kosmolinsky in  1983.

    nº 3 .- Three privates, left to right, of the
Velikiye Luki Musketeer Regiment ( Finland Military District).
Pavlosk Grenadier Regiment ( St. Petersburg Military District).
St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment ( Livland Military District ).
    Made by  1987 in  Victor Konnov

 nº 4 .- Life -Guards Chasseur Battalion, dos soldados y un oficial.
        Made by 1978 por Piotr Kosmolinsky

  nº 5 .- Gun crew of a six-pounder used by Russian foot Artillery, 1812.
           Made by  Pyotr Kosmolinsky en 1981.

   nº 6 .- Emperor Napoleon with Prince Poniatowski, the comanding general of the 5 th Corps( Polish)
   of the Grande Armée and officers of the 6th, 7th and 8th French Hussar Regiment,1812.
            Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1981.

   nº 7 .- Private of the 1st. Grenadier-Regiment, with a captain and sergeant- major of the 3rd Grenadiers ( Dutch) Regiment of the Emperor's Guard ( France ) ,1812.
               Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1981

   nº 9 .- Three troopers of the Saxon Garde du Corps Regiment, 1812.
              Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1983.

    nº 10 .- Private of the 7th Lancer Regiment ( Duchy of Warsaw) and Eagle-bearer of the 2nd French Carabineer Regiment, 1812.
  Made by Alexander Zhdankin and Alexander Lomzin in 1986.

   nº 11 .- Four Russian Generals : Mikhail Miloradovich, who comanded the troops on the right at  the Battle of Borodino, Alexander Kutaisov, artillery commander of the 1st Western Army ( killed at Borodino ),Nicolai Tuchkov I comander of the 3rd Infantry Corps( mortally wounded at Borodino ) ,1812, and Foma Nanii, the commanding officer of the Starodubov Cuirassier Regiment, 1814.

       nº 12 .- Men of the Semyonovskoye Life -Guards Regiment, 1812.

                 Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1981.

     nº 13 .- The NCOs of the Life- Guards  Chasseur Regiment with chasseurs  of the Finland Life-Guards Chasseur Regiment and a staff officer of an army regiment of chasseurs ,1812.

     Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1981

   nº 14 .- An NCO and a trooper of the Chevalier Guards Regiment and a bugler of a Horse Life-Guards Regiment ,1812.

           Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1980.

   nº 15 .- Troopers with their colonel of the Life-Guards Dragoon Regiment and a bugler of the Smolensk Dragoon Rwgiment ,1812.

       Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1980.

    nº 16.- Gunners of the Guards and Army  Horse Artillery, 1812.
                Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1982.
                The field-piece is an eighteen-pounder of the 1805 model.
                Made by Vladimir Balov, Konstantin.
                Morozov and Anatoly Nokinov in 1986.
               Museum of Historiy and Culture of the Middle Kama Region . Sarapul.

          nº 17 .- An NCO of the Sumy Hussar Regiment  with trooper of the Life-Guards Hussar Regiment  and an officer of the Pavlograd Husar Regiment ,1812.

    Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1980.

   nº 18 .- Troopers of the Life-Guards Lancer Regiment ,1812.

             Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky, in 1979.

     nº 19 .- Two Cossacks of the Black Sea Life -Guards  Hundred and 0f the Ataman Don Regiment, with a horseman  from the Crimean Tatar  mounted regiments and General Vasily Orlov- Denisov of the Life -Guards Cossack Regiment,1812.

    Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1982.

     nº 20 .- Men and officers of the irregular militia ( opolcheniye), 1812.

               Made by Pyotr Kosmolinsky in 1982.


    nº 21 .- A subaltern with a company drunmmer,colour-bearer  ( sub-ensign) and riflement of the Pernov ( Pärnu ) Infantry Regiment,1812.

              Made by Victor Konnov in 1985.



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