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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

SOLDADOS DE ALEMANIA, EN 1914-18, por el soldado -artista Friedrich Ludwig Scharf.

       Tropa montada.- 5 Kompanie of the III . See- Bataillion Stationed  at Kiautschou, China,1911.

            A Wachtmeister, or patrolman, of the mounted Landespolizes, Southwest Africa ,1914.

     A trooper of the  Südafrikanisches- Freikorps , 1914-15.                         

          Prussian staff and general officers ,1914-1916. The  saluting captain on the General Staff has triple rose-pink stripes on his trousers  and same colored piping on his tunic. This colour was unique to General Staff officers.

       Prussian    Generals, 1914-1916. The general on the lef ,is dressed in a standard walking  
out uniformand is equipped with 08 Fernglas binoculars . The general on the right wears a variati0n  of the general officer´s feldbluse, with general´s collar tabs.

                Infanteria Regiment von Courbière ( 2. Posen.) Nr. 19 formed in 1813 in Görlitz.

           Scharf departs from the and -coloured linoleum -blok process for a pensil  and water colour  sketch of a 1914 Landsturmer Prussian  from the 1.Ers.Btl.Lamwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 12
1. Kompanie  .

                     Members of Landsturm-Pioner-Kompanie 9. October 1914

       The Preussen Landsturm VII. 10 soldier on the lef is wearing the M 1893 Litewka, blak,
   red piped trouser, Patronentasche 95 pouches , and Seitengewehr 71 and Gew.  88 for weapons.

         Prussian Landsturm-Feldartillerie,1914. The NCO on the left  wears a light grey M1903 Litewka with shoulder straps  on red coarse material and a grey Landsturm  visor cap with a large Landsturm cross and Prussian cockade.     




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